Boudoir Photographers in Guelph

Boudoir Photographers in Guelph

John Wills CPA (Craftsman of Photographic Arts) and winner of the “2014 Ontario Portrait Photographer of the Year Award” by the Professional Photographers of Canada along with dozens of other major photography awards and distinctions. CLICK FOR MORE INFO 

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Now on the the good stuff……. Boudoir Photography 🙂

TESTIMONIALS to see what our amazing clients have to say about John and his Award Winning Boudoir Photography

What is Boudoir Photography?
Boudoir Photography is the newest trend in personal portrait photography. These are beautiful, tasteful and sexy photos that women have taken in order to celebrate their personal beauty. Often these photos are given as gifts to partners, many times as a special wedding gift.

Boudoir Photos can be done wearing lingerie, underwear and other revealing clothing. It can also mean implied nudes where we make it look like you aren’t wearing anything, breasts can be covered with hands, or a stunning silhouette from the side or back. We work with your comfort level. Please check out our gallery for examples of our style.

The Photographer is male?
I will let a client of mine answer this 🙂
“When I first heard of Boudoir Photography, and decided to look into it, I assumed that the photographer I would hire would be female, as most of them are. As I looked around I found John Wills’ site and fell in love with his photography! I wondered if I would be nervous, being slightly less dressed, with a man as the photographer. My worries quickly went away when I met John. Meeting his wife and adorable baby son also helped me feel more comfortable.

He was so laid back and professional that I was quickly put at ease. The shoot started with clothing on and we went from there, with John following my lead as to my comfort level. I was very relaxed and I had a lot of fun. As John told me when I arrived “the more relaxed you are, and the more fun you have, the better the photos will be”. He was right and the end results were amazing. I actually think I found it easier to be sexy with a male photographer than I would have with a woman.

John also recommended that I bring a friend to the shoot. This added a lot more fun and an extra level of comfort for me. I left my boudoir session feeling extremely beautiful and more confident that when I went in. I didn’t know I had it in me! I would suggest John as your photographer for one of these sessions without hesitation!”

Kara, Boudoir Client

I am nervous!
That is normal! Boudoir photography is something new that you probably haven’t done before. Embrace the opportunity to step out and try something that will leave you feeling beautiful and very confident! After a short time in our studio you will relax and begin to enjoy your session. We start slowly and really take the time to figure out what you want and what you are comfortable with.

Should I wait until I’ve lost some weight before I have my session?
Absolutely not! You are beautiful as you are and boudoir photography will bring out the best of your body and personality. We tend to be our own worst critics. We see things that others don’t. We judge every little bump as a major flaw. Lighting and proper poses will help create photos that make you feel sexy and gorgeous. Love the body you have!

What should I wear?
You can bring a wide variety of things that will make your session stand out. Beautiful lingerie and accessories, jewelry and high heels are great choice; a flattering black bra and panty set; your favourite blue jeans and a bra; a white dress shirt; something of your partner’s to use in a pose….the ideas are endless. The key to remember is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy new things to have a great shoot. Bring what makes you feel beautiful and sexy!

Can I bring a friend?
Yes please! We strongly encourage you to bring a friend along with you to the studio. This helps to calm your nerves, adds another level of fun and gives you someone to share the experience with!

I don’t know how to pose.
No problem! That is our job. We will help you to feel comfortable in poses throughout the day and we have tons of ideas. We welcome your input as your creative juices get flowing as well.

Are the images edited?
Yes! The images that you will see have been fully edited to make them perfect.

Is there a minimum age?
You must be minimum 18 years of age to participate in our boudoir sessions.

Where are you located?
Our studio is in Guelph, Ontario.

If I want my session in a hotel, rather than the studio, do I pay?
Yes. Any location outside of the studio is done at the client’s expense.

How do I choose my images?
Within 2 weeks of your session you will make an appointment to come back to the studio to view your images. This is when you will choose the ones you wish to purchase.

Do my images go on the website?
Absolutely not!!! Your privacy is very important to us. We may use a head shot on the blog, with your permission, but boudoir photography is a personal thing. We don’t use your images unless you have given us permission to do so.

How much are sessions?
Please see our investment page for those details.

What products are available?
You will purchase your images on disc. This allows you to print images at your discretion. We also offer a variety of high quality albums and canvas wraps that are perfect for gifts or personal memories.

I love what I hear! How do I book a session?
Just give me a call or drop me a line and we’ll find a time that suits you. A phone call is a great way to ask questions and really work out the details. I’d love to hear from you.