The Photographer

First off CLICK THIS LINK to check out an article in The Guelph Daily Mercury about John and his Photography Business.

I LOVE being a Dad and a Husband more than ANYTHING 🙂

John Wills MPA (Master of Photographic Arts) and winner of the “2014 Ontario Portrait Photographer of the Year Award” by the Professional Photographers of Canada along with dozens of other major photography awards and distinctions.

14 Time International Award Winning Photographer

We are incredibly PROUD to tell you that John Wills Photography (Bold N Sassy Boudoir) is now an “Accredited Boudoir Photographer” by the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC)

“When friends learn that my husband is a boudoir photographer they often get a little quiet, then ask “And you’re okay with that?” My answer is always the same – absolutely! His work is tasteful, elegant, beautiful and really brings out the best in what women have. How could I be against something like that?!

I have always felt privileged to be married to a generous, trustworthy, kind, respectful and supportive husband. Those are a few of the traits that also make him an amazing boudoir photographer. He supports his clients during the process, respects their wishes and truly brings out a unique beauty in each woman. Women come to have their sessions, confident in who they are, and leave even more confident with their bodies. This is one of the great aspects of our company, seeing women be truly happy with themselves.”

Kim Freeman – the photographer’s wife

YES I AM A MALE BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHER but please check out my testimonials page to see what my clients have to say  before you get to scared 🙂

Here is an email I received about an hour after her session 🙂

“I wanted to say thank you for the amazing experience yesterday.. You made Suzanne and I feel very comfortable for the photo shoot. I am so excited to see the finished photo’s. You really have a way of making people feel beautiful, and relaxed
I had forgotten how to live and have fun and you my friend have opened that door a bit more for me so for that I thank you. Now I can’t wait for spring to do a bike shoot..”  Shelley Howard


Now a bit more about me

I’m a professional photographer in Guelph, Ontario and have been trained by one of the top boudoir photographers in California (who is also male).

I have a very supportive wife and an amazing son who makes me laugh and smile every day!

When I don’t have a camera in my hand I’m outside enjoying life and nature with my family!

Being too serious is something that I try to stay away from. Smiling, enjoying what life brings and being with people I love are the things that I keep as my priorities in life. Check out my other website to see what other types of photography I do by clicking HERE John Wills Photography.