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We are back shooting boudoir photography in the studio. We just finished an amazing session with the very beautiful Miss Tami. Tami was a incredible to work with and she totally killed it. She also took the time to send me this amazing write up about her experience in our studio…. check it out along with a couple of the photos we did.

“Have you always wanted to have a private photo session. perhaps one that is a little more bold and sassy..The perfect time will never come, because time will never be just, take the challenge and face it head on – conquer – “we are capable of great things”  The time is Now! 
I decided to take the challenge on, artistic photos, and even some nudes at 45!  why not,.. –  to find a photographer that I would be comfortable with? individual with – manners, humour, intelligence & class – my answer and my recommendation..   John Wills, The Big Boss @ John Wills Photography!  He is wickedly talented, he is not here to be average, he is the best. 
John is amazing to work with and instantly makes you comfortable and at ease, he has an amazing creative eye.. his ability to get the picture is amazing.    I know I am guilty as I am sure most are of having captured an image of ourselves.. that is not a true reality.. John’s  way of really getting the picture is rare and most magical.  Seeing yourself thru the lens and what he is able to create is anything but predictable, and  dare I say – euphoric. 
I left the studio.. feeling even more empowered and badass.  “I can not think of a better representation of Beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself” This is one of my favorite quotes, leaving the studio this just kept repeating in my a theme.  Finding the confidence to just be me, and being my own,  standing bare ass naked in front of the camera I truly felt the strongest and most confident!    Sometimes it takes us a walk outside our comfort zone, to do what we are afraid to do, to gain self-confidence and to truly feel the most like ourselves!   Sincere thank you to John, highest of recommendation for any type of photography you may be looking for, his strive to empower and make you feel amazing and like a superstar is a gift.  I think he needs his own cape – the superhero photographer. 
Dare to be yourself, challenge yourself to be undoubtedly you. Best experience behind the camera!  I know I will be back! We can do hard things! 
Cheers and most respect for John. ” – Tami

These are just a couple of the amazing images of Tami. If you are wanting to do a session just like this contact 2 Time Ontario Portrait Photographer of the Year…. John Wills MPA.

519 400 6996

or email at