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Boudoir Photographers in Kitchener Waterloo and Guleph LOVE getting cool testimonials from their clients like the ones below

Being a male boudoir photographer I am sure some of you feel a bit unsure of this…..I get that 🙂 But please make sure you read some of the testimonials sent in by our incredible clients…I hope they will ease your concerns 🙂


“At first I was hesitant when considering a boudoir session. John was very open, professional and has the right personality to make you feel at ease. He also made a very good point which was 110% accurate. If you are a female doing a boudoir session not only for yourself but as a gift for your man, having a male photographer give his perspective is extremely helpful and essential! What a female would pick out as the best shot or cute shot is very different than what a man would choose! John was very insightful with choosing the right poses and shots that a guy would love and appreciate! Thank you John for the experience, it was a blast and I would do it again!” – Miss D

“I was very nervous about just the thought of posing for pictures let alone posing in lingerie. But as John says, and we probably all know deep inside, that is normal. It’s not an everyday thing, shooting a boudoir shoot, but John will put you at ease right away. We first talked about my outfits and poses and then we just started. I still felt nervous when we shot a couple of my first pictures because I am a heavy set woman, I was thinking, am I pretty enough or can I even do this at all?
But my worries were gone in no time. I didn’t have to worry about my posing skills because John talked me through every picture. As he worked with me, he took the confidence I already had and boosted it up, so I felt like a real superstar. There wasn’t a second that I thought of my ‘ flaws’ when we were shooting and John really made me feel so comfortable.
When I first saw my pictures, I couldn’t believe my eyes. They were all so beautiful and they represent the woman that I am. I’m more than happy with my pictures, and I will definitely recommend John for doing a boudoir session.
Just like the commercial says:
session fee: $$,
cost of the photo’s: $$$,
cost of the experience: priceless, and well worth it!
Thanks John!”
Here is Kirsten’s Before and After photo 🙂


Also please feel free to check out a BLOG POST a boudoir client of ours wrote  on her own blog about her experience.


“Anyone that has ever considered doing a boudoir photo session need look no further for the best to work with, John is it! If someone would have told me a year ago that I would be doing a boudoir photo shoot, I would have laughed. Having had issues with my self-image all my life, I always shied away from the camera fully clothed, never mind baring all for the lens! John changed that. When I first met John it was at a wedding show where he had a display. We clicked instantly; he is a warm, friendly and easy going person. On the way to his studio the day of the shoot, I almost turned around a number of times, I was so nervous! But because of John’s encouraging and positive attitude while setting up the session, I was determined to see this through. From the first moment, John presented himself with a professional but welcoming demeanor. He was careful to explain the process and discuss the expectations of the day in detail and encouraged me to ask questions to make sure I was completely comfortable. As the day progressed, it turned into just plain FUN! John has a great sense of humor and we laughed our way through the entire session. The results were amazing. Although I did this to challenge myself and boost my self confidence, my husband has reaped the benefits too! I asked my husband which photo was his favorite, but even having gone through them over and over (and over!!), he could not choose; he loves them all. I must admit that I have never looked so sexy and beautiful, or had photos of me that I could actually look at and appreciate. Thanks John for one of the most amazing experiences of my life.”
Emy Brubacher

Kitchener Waterloo and Guelph


Kitchener Waterloo and Guelph